Destroy your rivals!

Scale to the top of the ranking and become the ultimate warrior. Equip your character, choose your powers, and you'll be ready for battle. Do you accept the challenge?

Enter the Coliseum

What is Coliseum

Fight against player from all around the world to demonstrate that you are the true king of the Coliseum. Equip yourself with awesome equipment, choose up to three incredible powers for the battle and you will be ready to win.

Questions about eSports will appear during the fight. Only one player will be able to answer… You must be the faster! If you guess it right, you hit your rival, but if you fail, your rival will hit you.

Coliseum Equipment


You will be able to equip your character with incredible armor pieces. By doing that you will obtain strength and health points, which will make your hits stronger and will allow you to resist the attacks of your rival.

You obtain more equipment by opening the boxes. You will get boxes by participating in the platform.

Besides, if you get enough copies of one equipment, you might level it up strengthen it.


In each fight, you will be able to choose up to three powers. Powers will grant you special advantages and are used automatically during the combat.

When you choose a power, it will be consumed, but don’t worry, you will get a lot more powers opening the boxes that you might obtain participating in the platform.

Besides, each time you use a power, you obtain mastery with it. When you achieve enough mastery, you will be able to level it up, making its effects even more devastating.



Every time you win a fight in the Coliseum you will get awesome rewards



Boxes will give you equipment, powers and may contain incredible prizes.



Each victory will give you GamerCoins, which you can redeem for prizes in the store.



Every time you participate in a fight, you will get experience. If you win you will get even more experience.